The Main Types of CBD Products Explained

14% of adults have begun using CBD products for all types of ailments that they’re experiencing. If you’re someone that wants to begin looking into the types of CBD that are on the market, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve provided a detailed guide below that will give you the insight you need into the kinds of CBD you could be buying.

CBD Edibles 

Edibles are becoming increasingly popular amongst users for many reasons. The first is that they come in a variety of goods that you can choose from, including:

  • Cookies
  • Brownies
  • Gummy snacks

The second benefit of eating CBD edibles is that you don’t have to measure the dosage before consuming, and it being a discreet way of receiving CBD. When consuming CBD edibles, you don’t have to worry about others knowing that you’re eating them because to everyone else, you’re enjoying a simple treat.

CBD Cream or Lotion

Some people find themselves experiencing issues with things like arthritis or chronic joint pain and inflammation. Instead of ingesting CBD, someone experiencing these things should use a topical or lotion directly on the area that’s affected.

In this case, there are several CBD pain relief cream options that a person can choose from to fit their needs. The only thing that should be considered when using a CBD cream is that the smell might be slightly overwhelming for people with sensitive noses.


The most common way to use CBD is by ingesting CBD oil. CBD oil gives you the freedom to adjust the dosage that you’re taking to fit your needs.

People ingest CBD oil because it’s one of the quicker ways to get it into your system. You’ll place the desired number of drops under the tongue and wait 90 seconds.

Once you’ve waited for the specified time, you can swallow the rest of the oil that hasn’t been absorbed into the bloodstream. The flavor of CBD oil isn’t always pleasant, and it’s for this reason that it’s now being offered in varying flavors, including blue raspberry or mint.

CBD Vape Oil

When you take CBD oil off the table, the other way to reap the benefits of CBD is by using vape juices. Once the oil has been inserted into the vape, all you’ve got to do is turn it on and heat the juice.

Once the juice has been heated to the proper temperature, you can enjoy flavorful vapors.

What to Look For In CBD Products?

When you’re purchasing CBD products, there are some things you should consider before making your final decision. Knowing what to look for will ensure that you find higher quality products and at better prices.

Don’t forget to keep these tips in mind when looking for the products that will work the best for you.

Product Variety

If you’re not sure which products will work for you, the last thing you want to do is purchase products from a company that doesn’t offer variety. Notable companies know that their consumers want more options when shopping.

This doesn’t just mean the products offered; it also means the number of options for a specific product.

Ingredient List

You should always take the time to review the ingredient lists of products before making your final purchases. If you’re not sure what a product is, we recommend that you take the time to research it.

If you aren’t finding an ingredient list in the description section under the product, you should look for a third-party lab results tab. This tab will provide a certified report from a lab that tells you everything you’re getting in the products you hope to purchase.

Knowing what’s in your products means you’re getting the best products possible.

CBD Sourcing

There are several places globally where CBD can be sourced from. Not all these places adhere to the same regulations when it comes to the growing process of hemp plants.

We recommend that you figure out where a company is sourcing their CBD from and looking into that area’s regulations. Some areas ensure that farmers aren’t using harmful pesticides to reduce the quality of the products they’re offering to customers.

Type of CBD

All CBD products aren’t made in the same way, many undergo varying process of extraction. There are several types of CBD that you might not have known of, including:

  • Broad-spectrum
  • Full-spectrum
  • Activated CBD
  • Isolate

Each type of CBD carries a varying level of cannabinoids within it because of the CBD process. The other difference between CBD types is the chemicals used to get the finished product.

If you’re concerned about the chemicals that aren’t used in your products, knowing the different CBD types you might get is useful. It also helps you stay away from companies selling a specific type of CBD that you do not want to purchase.

Types of CBD Products: Everything to Know Before Making a Purchase

There are several types of CBD products offered on the market today that you might be interested in. If you’re looking for a discreet way to take CBD without others knowing, then using CBD edibles is the way to go.

If you’ve got localized pain and need something that can be applied directly to the area, a cream or lotion will be much more useful to you. We hope that you found everything you were looking for.

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