A Guide to State and National Lotteries

Did you know that the biggest prize from the US lottery ever was $1.6 billion in the year 2016?

National lotteries and state lotteries are continuing to grow and so is the prize money. These lotteries give people a chance at winning life-changing amounts of money by paying a dollar or two to enter for the chance to win.

These national and state lotteries not only give you the chance to save your life, but the proceeds that are made are put towards public works while also preventing illegal gambling.

Keep reading to learn more about the state and national lotteries and how they work.

The Dailies

The Dailies are miniature lotteries where players get to try their luck to win cash prizes up to $50,000. The Dailies are available in most of the United States and in most states, you can play up to twice a day, even on Sunday.

These games work by picking a specified amount of numbers from the available numbers that are available within the game. There are different ways in which you can play these numbers.

For example, you can get a “straight”, where the numbers are in the exact order you picked them, or a “box”. A box is where you pick the correct numbers but not in the exact order.

There are different wagers that you can select that change the value of the prize you’ll win. If you selected the Straight/Box wager and you choose the correct numbers in the exact order then you win the price for both Straight and Box.

The payouts for Dailies are not determined by the number of players trying to win. These cash prizes are normally set amounts. When compared to other types of lottery games, the odds of winning The Dailies are quite high.

The Lotto

The Lotto utilizes the classic lottery game format and is highly popular. One of the big plusses that the Lotto brings to the table is the high payouts and cash prizes. It is also an easy and straightforward game to play.

The Lotto game is played either every day or two to three times per week with prizes of up to $100,000. The game works by picking 6 numbers that are entered into the online terminal. This generates your ticket for The Lotto.

It is important to know that your ticket is what you’ll need to claim your winnings. Your payslip is not a valid avenue towards collecting your prize if you win. Click to see more here.

One benefit of The Lotto is that it only costs $1 to play. That amount increases with the number of plays you wish to play, though some states offer two plays for $1.

The amount of Lotto prizes differs based on different factors. A big factor in determining the prize is the number of sales for each drawing. The more sales there are, the bigger the prize becomes and the more winners there are.

If there are no winners for that game then the prize gets rolled over to the next one and is increased comparatively. Even if you don’t match all six numbers that you chose, it is still possible to win a prize.

The Little Lottos

Little Lottos follow the same format as The Lotto. It is also known as 5 Ball Lotto and it is widely available as are most national lottery games. It offers much higher odds of winning than other lotteries and has some great payouts.

The biggest difference between Little Lottos and The Lotto is that 5 balls are drawn instead of 6, and there are lower number fields from which you’re able to pick.

In 5 Ball Lottos, the numbers you can choose range from 1 to a selected double-digit number. Some state lottery games that play 5 Ball Lottos use balls numbered from 1 to 47.

With Little Lottos, the player doesn’t need to predict the order of the numbers. The jackpot also continues to progressively grow just like with the main Lotto.

There are two different game structures that players can win through. One is the progressive jackpot, which is what everyone is ultimately trying to win. The other is the secondary prizes that are available to win by matching as little as 2 of the correct numbers.

The drawings happen more frequently than for the Lotto, but since there are only 5 balls instead of 6, you face much better odds of winning.

Multi-State Games and National Lotteries

Multi-state games started when states with lower populations banded together to create games that had higher jackpots. These games are now called Multi-State Games.

Some examples of multi-state games are Mega Millions, Powerball, and Lucky for Life. These games are played in a wide variety of states and massive jackpots that millions of people are playing for.

These billion-dollar games capture the essence of low risk with a high reward. Winning a multi-state game will win you the biggest jackpots of them all.

Games like Mega Millions have two separate drawings. One of the drawings is for the normal lottery winnings while the other is for the Megaball. The Megaball offers increased odds to players since it is only available in 46 jurisdictions.

If there are no winners, the jackpot rolls over to the next round while increasing by $5 million. The game works by picking 5 white balls between the numbers 1 and 70 and one golden ball between the numbers 1 and 25.

If the five numbers you selected end up coming up along with the golden ball that you chose, you have won the jackpot. Even if they weren’t in the correct order of how you chose them, you’ll still win the jackpot.

Play the Lottery and Take Your Chances

State and national lotteries are a great way to win money with little risk or investment on your end. There are all types of lotteries. Some are state lotteries while others are on the national level.

While most lotteries are similar in how they’re played, there are differences that you should know in how much of the prize money you get, how often you can play, and how many people you’re playing against.

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