A professional’s guide to understanding standing desks

For many professionals who work on a desk for hours, back pain is more like an occupational hazard. This is often related to posture, and over a period of time, this can lead to serious health concerns and spinal issues. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, there are ways to prevent potential aches and pains. Having a chronic back ache? Check out this article for more lower back pain causes, symptoms and treatment.  Just by switching between sitting and standing positions, you can actually reduce strain on your body and burn more calories. For that, you need a standup desk. Today, you can buy PrimeCables stand up desks for as low as $250, but before you get one, here’s an overview.

Do you really need a standing desk?

This is a matter of perspective, but there are a few advantages that are hard to ignore. Just by standing for two hours more, you can burn more calories, and that may reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes. Although not a compulsion, buying a standing desk is just the right thing to do, and we strongly suggest that you check for designs that are ideal for your height. Also, let’s not forget that using a standing desk can actually help in boosting productivity and reducing lethargy at work. 

What to look for?

Most standing desks have a similar set of features, and therefore, you have to consider what you really need. Some of the basic aspects that need attention include- 

  1. Height adjustment range
  2. Adjustment speed
  3. Weight capacity
  4. Noise implication
  5. Pricing

How much to pay for a standing desk?

This again depends on the product. Some of the basic standing desks are cheap, and you can get an electric variant too, for as low as $200. Online stores may have better prices and more models to offer, and for electric standing desks, the tabletop may not be included, which will eventually add to the cost. The right standing desk is more like an investment, and it makes sense to select one that’s stand out and will perform as expected in the long run. 

Tips worth knowing

Ensure that the standing desk is not hard to manage, because you don’t want to waste your valuable time at work. Also, don’t shy away from reviewing the wide range of features that electric models offer, such as preset menus, reminders and even touch panels. Think of the standing desk as a tool for better work and productive time, and you wouldn’t mind paying a tad more than what you probably expected. 

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