Protecting Hair From Salt Water – Right Order To Apply Hair Care Products

While enjoying your time at the beach feels exciting to you, it might have the opposite effect on your hair. The gusty winds and heat from the sun can wreak havoc on your locks. That’s the reason why having a proper hair care routine is so important.

Talking about products to protect hair from salt water, you must apply them in the right order. You might not realise it immediately, but understanding the correct sequence ensures maximum protection and hydration for your strands.

  • Shampoo and Conditioner

Just like you kick off your skincare routine with cleansing, your hair deserves the same treatment. Start by washing your hair with a shampoo that matches your hair type and concerns.

After you are done cleaning your hair, apply a suitable conditioner. For the best results, stick to using a conditioner from the same brand as your shampoo.

  • Leave-in treatment

Once you are out of the shower, the first thing to reach for is a leave-in treatment. This little miracle worker adds moisture and shine to your locks, making detangling a breeze. Unfortunately, many people ignore this step without realising that it protects your hair against breakage and damage.

  • Heat protectant

After a good hair wash, you may want to blow dry your hair. But before starting with this step, give your hair some love with a heat protectant. It creates a barrier, protecting your hair from the damaging effects of heat styling. Additionally, it keeps your hair from becoming dry and frizzy.

  • Hair serum

Time to seal in that moisture and shine your hair lost at the beach. For this, you need a good hair serum. Apply a small amount on damp hair and focus especially on the ends. Make sure not to put the serum on your scalp.

A good hair care routine is essential after a long day at a beach. By using these products in the right order, you can maintain healthy locks. This not only reduces the chances of hair damage but also keeps your hair looking beautiful.


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