Is CBD Safe for Recovering Alcoholics to Use?

In the last 30 days, at least half of the adult population drank alcohol. Grabbing a drink with friends is the perfect way to relax and socialize after a long week. However, recovering alcoholics don’t have the luxury of hitting the bar after work. Instead, individuals who are serious about their recovery will go out of their way to find safe friends and places, where they won’t be triggered to drink.

Thankfully, there is a healthy way to melt away the stress of the day without alcohol, all thanks to CBD. However, is CBD safe for recovering addicts or alcoholics to use?

Read on to find out!

Can CBD Help Recovering Alcoholics?

If you or someone you know is recovering from alcoholism, you’re already aware of what a tough battle it can be. Working to rebuild your life in an entirely new healthy way, takes time, and patience. However, having patience can be difficult when you’re dealing with intense emotions and physical roadblocks.

The biggest roadblocks recovering alcoholics have to face trigger. Triggers are things that drive a former alcoholic to want to drink again. When someone decides to stop drinking, and turn their life around, they still have to deal with all the consequences of ignoring their responsibilities during active addiction. It can be overwhelming, and distressing, for anyone who is trying to do a better job in life.

Thankfully, instead of staying in a circle of guilt, or stress, CBD can help ease your mind. By communicating with your body that it’s okay to calm down, the stress response can finally stop working in overdrive. Instead of approaching every challenge of the day with upsetting intensity, you’ll be able to handle things with a clear mind.

As a bonus, it’s easy to buy CBD online, so you don’t have to worry about going to a smoke shop for products. For some, avoiding places like bars and smokeshops is the best way to strengthen their recovery process.

Is CBD Addictive?

Good news! CBD isn’t addictive. You can stop using CBD at any time without experiencing any adverse side effects. There aren’t any chemical properties in CBD that will cause your body to crave more.

Instead of being addictive, it turns out that CBD is proven effective at treating addiction. There are currently studies underway to show how CBD’s ability to minimize stress and promote sleep, makes recovery easier. Whether you’re recovering from alcohol, drugs, or another addiction, CBD is a safe tool to make things easier.

Differences Between CBD and Alcohol

Unlike alcohol, CBD doesn’t mess with your ability to think clearly. A common question recovering addicts have, is whether or not CBD makes you high. CBD comes from the cannabis plant family.

You can think of THC as its cousin. However, even though CBD and THC are related, they don’t share the same chemical properties. THC is famous for giving users a high, thanks to its psychoactive properties.

However, since CBD doesn’t share any of the psychoactive properties, it doesn’t inebriate users in any way. You can use CBD all day, and not impair your judgment. You can also use CBD as a sleep aid and not have to worry about waking up feeling groggy.

If you’ve ever used traditional sleeping pills to catch some z’s, you already know how disappointing they can be. Traditional sleeping pills can leave you feeling foggy, or even grumpy the next day.

One of the reasons pharmaceutical sleeping pills can cause negative experiences is because they don’t necessarily healthily interact with your body. Whereas, CBD is all about taking a holistic approach.

CBD doesn’t add any foreign chemicals to your body or trick your mind into doing something. Safe CBD Use CBD has a unique ability to influence your cannabinoid receptors.

By influencing your receptors, CBD can help regulate certain bodily functions like sleep, or immune response control. By balancing things out, your body can naturally restore itself to a state of wholeness.

Best Ways to Take CBD

Moving on, let’s talk about the best ways for recovering alcoholics to take CBD. There’s a ton of different CBD products on the market today. For instance, there are CBD edibles, vape pens, oils, and even smokables.

One of the biggest differences between the different types of CBD, is their level of convenience, and how long it takes for them to create effects. When you ingest CBD oil or an edible, you can expect to have the longest wait time before you feel any effects.

Typically, after ingesting CBD it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to notice a difference. However, keep in mind that the difference you’re going to notice isn’t going to be major. Instead, CBD slowly builds up in your body over time, becoming more effective the more consistently you use it.

If it’s your first time using CBD you might not feel any effects at all. However, that doesn’t mean you should instantly up your dose. As a recovering addict, it might be your first temptation to always do more of any substance, with the psychology that more is better. However, while it’s not fatal, you can overdose on CBD. A CBD overdose can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and moodiness.

Use CBD Responsibly

To avoid overdosing on CBD, we suggest keeping a dosage journal. In your dosage journal write down the amount of CBD you’re taking, what time you took it, and then jot down when you started feeling it.

Make a few notes about what you’re feeling, and repeat the process for your next CBD dose. Over time, you’ll be able to see whether or not you need to up your dose a little bit, or bring it down.

Lastly, if you’re also quitting smoking you might want to avoid smoking CBD. CBD doesn’t have any type of nicotine, and smoking it isn’t going to make you addicted to it. However, the simple act of doing a behavior you used to do when you were still drinking alcohol could be a trigger. Instead, play it safe by using a discrete CBD oil, or fun CBD gummies.

CBD Is a Healing Substance

After reading this article, it’s clear to see that recovering alcoholics can safely use CBD. However, remember that it takes time for CBD to build up in your body. After purchasing your preferred consumption method, plan on taking CBD for at least a few days before you notice any major effects.

Finally, remember to use CBD responsibly by keeping a dosage journal. By finding the perfect dosage amount, you’ll be able to feel better, longer. Are you ready for more fun guides like these? Check out another article!

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