How do you style an oversized white shirt for men?

Once upon a time people used to wear t-shirts from borrowing from others, elder brothers, or made by mother due to financial issues, puberty. Young boys always used to keep staple guns to stay in trend. But in the last 15 years, you can see skinny shirts have become a trend. Boys like to enjoy wearing skinny cut shirts and flattering shapes. You can say that the 21st century is completely dominated by skinny shirts.

Youngsters were influenced by the brands which produced skinny, flattering shirts. The wardrobe is completely influenced by Dior Homme, Saint Laurent etc. the fashion is dominated by all these brands. But in the last few years, the fashion pendulum has swung back. Oversized shirts came into fashion again. People love to wear them and use them as a symbol of coolness. With the rise of hip hop trends, the oversized shirt fashion comes into popularity along with that.

The trend of oversized might be trendy but it is not something you can wear anytime or any occasion. Wearing this shirt has some points to keep in mind like, where and when to wear these shirts. Here are some points which give you a cool and stylish look at the same time wearing oversized shirts.

Styles to wear oversized shirts:

  1.  Oversized coat: you can wear an oversized coat as it is beloved by so many people after watching Sherlock Holmes wearing the same with a hat and acting as a detective. When you are thinking of wearing an oversized coat, go for the easy colours like, black, grey or white and navy colour. It works nicely in oversized coat looks.
  2. Oversized suit: oversized suits are also known as zoot suits. This power-dressing is again in trend. If you are going to wear this kind of suit, you should take care of the tailoring of the suit. The basic principle of tailoring should be kept in mind while preparing for oversized suits. To opt for the 1980’s look, consider wearing the jacket over the solid colour plain t-shirt. Keep it open. You can use separates to outfit up.
  3. Oversized Jumper: the easiest clothing is a jumper. And when it comes in oversized, it looks amazing. Many boys like this trend to adopt. You feel like cocooning in oversized jumpers. You can easily choose your colour in oversized jumpers. A roll neck works best in style. A standard crew neck jumper is also considered well by the men.
  4. Oversized Tee: oversized tee-shirt is a highly fashionable outfit that is always in demand. People love to carry this outfit as it gives a cool vibe and crazy look. It is skate wear and skate wear is streetwear. People love streetwear outfits. You can go for white oversized tee mens to look cool. 

While wearing an oversized shirt you should always take care of the look. just a simple step can be the game changer while wearing the oversized shirts:

  1.  Always wear slim pants when you are wearing an oversized upper.
  2. Rock on by going vintage while wearing an oversized shirt.
  3. Athleisure embracement: while wearing the oversized shirts go athleisure like an old schoolboy. It gives a sports look. You can wear it with your coolest kicks.

These are the types of oversized shirts and how to wear them. Oversized shirts never get out of fashion as it is always remaining in trend because of its comfort and cool looks.

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