Digitalization (in tech-era) of business industries

Since 2020, digitization challenges have become even more evident and technology has had to advance by leaps and bounds. In addition, the world is no longer what we lived in before the pandemic. The long-term nature of this global crisis has changed with customers and daily lifestyles. Of course, this entire journey of transformation also directs new technologies to 2022 and beyond.

More self-driving cars on the roads. Augmented reality glasses may start to appear in public. New regulations in areas such as antitrust and privacy. The industry will keep talking and, in some cases, even building for the metaverse. Increased connectivity with 5G and even 6G. These are some of the technologies in 2022 that should start to take hold.

In this article, we present the top trends and new business technologies that we are likely to see this year. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and privacy are just some of the tools that should stand out.

Discover each of them below:

Streaming everything on Twitch and YouTube

You can stream everything you do. Stream playing games on PC or laptop. Even stream singing with your friends, playing cards with family, etc. People crave more raw content, especially if it’s live. Buy Twitch followers to get popular on the platform in a short period of time. It’s easy to stay very consistent on the platform, just try to be real and don’t play characters that you are not in real-life.

Cybersecurity Fabric

A flexible architecture capable of integrating widely distributed and disparate security services: this is the cybersecurity fabric. It allows the best independent cybersecurity solutions to work together to strengthen the overall security strategy, bringing the control points closer to the assets that must be protected.  With the cybersecurity fabric, you can quickly and reliably check identity, context, and policy adherence across cloud and non-cloud environments.

Computing that improves privacy

Privacy-enhancing computing protects the processing of personal data in untrusted environments. This is one of the technologies in 2022 that should stand out. After all, privacy and data protection laws are getting stricter and customers are expressing concern about companies’ use of their personal information.

Privacy Enhancement Computing uses a set of privacy protection techniques. The goal is to ensure that value is extracted from the data, while meeting compliance requirements.



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