Digital business tips you should invest in 2022

In this post, you’ll learn digital business tips and you can invest in 2022. Let’s get started with the post:

Online events but with a lower budget

In 2022, marketers expect to see more hybrid strategies that will still allow audiences to participate in online events and conferences, but also in-person events. In 2021, 51% of marketers invested in virtual events. However, 17% of them plan to reduce their budget in 2022. Despite lower budgets, marketers aren’t about to give up on virtual events. In fact, 80% of them plan to spend the same or more on them in 2022.

More audio content from brands

In the summer of 2021, some marketing teams were intrigued by Clubhouse, an invite-only audio chat room app that quickly gained millions of users without posting visual content. As Clubhouse shook up marketing, platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook were quick to seize the opportunity to invest in, test, or launch similar features. Over the years, several big brands, like HubSpot, have grown their podcasts and networks to attract even more listeners. As audio content becomes more common online, marketers are wondering if their brand could benefit from it. 53% of professionals whose companies use content marketing believe that podcasts and other types of audio content perform well in terms of engagement and brand awareness. While just 1% of marketers who use audio say it generates ROI, 80% expect to spend the same or more on it in 2022.

Spotify as a music-biz promotion

One of the greatest ways you can promote your business is by using spotify. On Spotify you can upload audio of some discussions, tutorials, etc. To promote your business on spotify you will need popularity, what you can actually buy with the trusted services. Yes, you can buy spotify plays, so that your spotify channel about business gets more popular – in the most natural way.

Native ads on the rise

In 2021, 24% of marketers worldwide have invested in native ads. For 2022, 23% of those who haven’t used this tactic plan to budget for it for the first time. The growing interest in this strategy is based on its effectiveness. In fact, more than 36% of marketers who use native ads believe it works, and nearly 5% say it’s the tactic that generates the best ROI. When a brand pays a third-party website to deliver content, it is investing in native advertising. Unlike traditional ads which are designed to interrupt and stand out, native ads are designed to fit in and promote a brand to a new audience that might otherwise never hear of it. Native ads don’t have the look of traditional ads, so consumers are more likely to pay attention. In fact, they notice native ads far more often than banner ads. Native advertisements are found on social networks, in search engine results pages, on content recommendation platforms via links to other content, present at the bottom of the page, which allow you to learn more about the same subject or a related subject, or in campaigns.



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