Why To Use Dental Implants To Fix Broken Teeth?

Having a broken tooth is a terrible experience as you feel under confident, especially during public gatherings. Therefore, you must choose a dentist in Vista, CA who can perform a dental implant procedure to fix all broken teeth. A dental implant is a procedure where dental implants are placed within your jaw to restore a missing tooth. It is a non-invasive procedure which restores your eating abilities. Thinking about why you should get a dental implant to fix your broken teeth? We have got you covered! Let us read about the benefits of dental implants. Here we go! 

Benefits of dental implant procedure 

1. Prevent bone loss 

When you lose teeth, the chances of bone loss increase automatically. Your jawbone requires the stimulation that occurs every time your teeth erupt to retain its mass. A dental implant is a tooth restoration treatment that replaces jaw bone stimulation. This prevents the chances of bone loss. 

2. Matches with your natural teeth 

These implants are available in different sizes and shapes to match your natural teeth appearance. During the consultation, your dental expert will find out the perfect match and fit it with no gaps. This will ensure your implant does not look any different. 

3. Restores biting abilities 

Since you have missing teeth, biting and chewing must be a task for you! Since dental implants are fixed permanently within your jaw by using screws, it promotes proper biting and functioning. Other tooth replacement treatment options do not restore your biting abilities completely. Therefore, a dental implant is the most popular treatment procedure. 

4. Prevent face shape changes 

Your facial structure is supported in part by your teeth. Losing teeth results in the loss of support, which eventually causes the shape of your face to change and makes you look older. Dental implants give similar support for your face as your natural teeth, preventing it from shifting shape.

5. Eliminates cavities and tooth decay 

Every time you eat a sugary food or drink, the chances of tooth decay or cavities exist. However, once you have dental implants, there will be no fear of cavities. However, these implants require the same amount of care to avoid bacteria and germ build-up. However, it won’t decay your teeth. Thus, the chances of tooth decay are negligible. 

Wrapping Up 

Dental implants is a commonly performed tooth restoration procedure. In this procedure, an artificial implant is placed to bring back your chewing abilities. You must get in touch with a dentist if you have a missing tooth! 

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