What to Expect at Deep Cleaning of Teeth?

Professional teeth cleaning. Ultrasonic teeth cleaning machine delete dental calculus from human teeth. 3d illustration

Usually, whenever there is visible and significant plaque and tartar on your teeth, a dentist would just recommend scaling and polishing the teeth as it is cheap, easy, less time-consuming, and solves the issue efficiently. The problem increases when you are suffering and dealing with gum problems. 

Gum problems arise when the tartar and plaque have increased to such an extent that the bacteria have reached very deep into your gum, which cannot be cleaned and removed using regular brushing and flossing. In this scenario, the dentist would recommend you go for deep teeth cleaning. The dentist office in Pacific Beach, San Diego is one of the finest places for deep teeth cleaning as it consists of dentists with high caliber and experience. 

Following are some of the things you should be expecting while considering moving forward with deep teeth cleaning:

  • The procedure of deep teeth cleaning

The procedure of deep teeth cleaning is relatively easy, as the main problem lies within the gums, and regular brushes will not reach the gums. Your dentist would inject an anesthetic that would make your gums go numb for a while. Between this, your dentist, using their tools and skill, will clean and eradicate the bacteria that reached your gums and caused the gum problems.

  • The procedure is time-consuming.

The procedure involves not only cleaning, scaling, and rooting of your teeth and gums but also an injection of an anesthetic. The whole procedure takes almost up to four hours. This includes the cleaning and rooting along with the aftercare.

  • The whole procedure is relatively expensive.

The involvement of anesthesia makes the whole process of deep teeth cleaning relatively more expensive than routine rooting and scaling of teeth. As the process also requires a particular skill set, the dentist fee will also be high.

Disadvantages and advantages of deep teeth cleaning

The main advantage of deep teeth cleaning is its effectiveness on gum problems. Almost immediately after the treatment, you will feel relief in your gums and a reduction in gum problems. Another disadvantage of deep teeth cleaning is the expense, as it covers the dentist’s fee with additional anesthetic charges. 

Other than that, there are chances of temporary bleeding, gum soreness, and numbness. Although these side effects are not permanent, they can be painful and uncomfortable.

These are some of the things you should expect and be ready for before opting and going forward with the treatment. Consulting your dentist is highly recommended. 

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