Underlined myths and facts about your ductless heat pumps

The ductless heat pumps also called mini-splits are getting popular among users. This makes myths or misconceptions arise at the same time. Hence, in this post, we try to differentiate between realities from friction.

Myth: it is too noisy

This myth usually originated when heat pump models start making loud noises. Though, present models are equipped with noise reduction technology and hence don’t make much noise. On properly installing the residential heat pumps, it is required to install them properly to avoid noises.

Myth – do heat pumps work efficiently in cold months?

The principle behind the working of heat pumps is taking the heat from the outside environment and bring inside the home to create a warm environment. If you want them to cool the room, they work the opposite. Due to the presence of modern inverter technology, ductless heat pumps are ideal for cold weather.

Myth – you have to keep it on all times

Heat pumps work best for either increasing or decreasing the interior’s home temperature. Yes, there can be times when you have to keep your heat pumps on for a longer time. So, you can turn on or off the pumps just like other systems.

Myth – ductless heat pumps are only be installed in new buildings

The greatest advantage of using ductless systems is their flexibility. The installation of heat pumps doesn’t require expensive ductwork. This means that they can be installed in new as well as old buildings.

Myth – heat pumps are very big

Heat pumps comprise multiple components present both inside and outside the home. Hence, they are thought to be very big, but they are significantly smaller.

Myth – heat pumps are used for the heating purpose only

Having ‘heat’ in the name doesn’t mean it serves the purpose of heating only. Heat pumps are designs for both warming and cooling the rooms.

Myth – require frequent maintenance cycle

Some of the large electrical systems require frequent maintenance and heat pumps as well. But, the maintenance of ductless heat pumps is done once a year.

You must have been clear about the myths related to ductless heat pumps. Wolfers Heating provides you a guide to heat pumps and finding the best contractor. We are here to provide you the ultimate solution. Contact us today!

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