The Importance of Packing and Shipping Your Products Safely

Did you know that you can avoid damages if you improve your product packing and shipping methods? Most companies incur huge losses because they do not implement important shipping safety methods. Since you want to maximize profits, it is important to review your packaging process and the way you handle cargo.

During the packing process, you need to focus on shipping protection. You have to use the right packaging and position the cargo correctly to shield it from any damage.

Read this guide to know how to pack and ship goods safely.

Safety During Packing

Even before you start packing the products, you should be thinking about their safety. Here are a few packing tips to guide you.

Use Wraps to Cushion Products

Placing goods in boxes and sealing them is not enough to protect them from damage. When you do that, you leave some spaces that will make them shake and knock on the edges. This is why you have to look for wraps to serve as cushions.

You can choose from a wide variety of cushions depending on the products you are packing. Some options include bubble wraps, airbags, and biodegradable air pillows.

The shrink wrap packaging technique is also an excellent way to protect items from damage during shipping. This technique involves applying heat to a thin film before fitting it into the boxes.

Add Shipping Labels

A shipping company should add shipping labels to the boxes during packaging. Some shipping companies handle a large volume of goods, and therefore, it won’t be easy to identify specific packages when they are not labeled.

When adding shipping labels to boxes, you have to make sure that they are correctly marked to enhance package protection. Used a quality printer and paper to create these labels. Considering that the cargo may handle them differently before reaching the destination, you do not want the labels to tear or peel off before they arrive.

When the labeling is clear, the shipping staff can easily tell fragile packages that need to be handled with extra care.

Corrugated Boxes Boost Shipping Protection

Shipping boxes should be strong, versatile, and sturdy. They should come in different sizes and shapes too. When you have strong boxes, you are sure that the goods are more protected than the weaker ones.

The best option when you want a strong shipping box is to go for a corrugated one. You will notice that their design allows them to last long.

These boxes are easy to stack, load, and offload. They also lower the shipping prices because they reduce wastage.

Safety During Shipping

Now that you know about packaging let us look at the actual shipping process. Keep in mind that no matter how properly the goods are packed, they will not be safe if the shipping method is flawed.

Choose the Right Carrier

A carrier is a company that helps with the shipping of cargo. They can use various methods to transport depending on what they are carrying. However, a carrier must provide real value to customers.

Do not always go with the service that offers the lowest shipping cost. It’s more important to pay higher costs than deal with damaged packages.

So, pick a carrier with the capacity to handle the contents of your package.

Know the Shipping Costs

There is no doubt that shipping cargo is the leading factor that makes a customer choose or reject a carrier. Although everyone wants the best quality services, they do not want to pay excessive amounts. That is why carriers have different pricing models.

Many factors determine the cost of shipping goods. They include the following:

  • Weight and size of cargo
  • Delivery time
  • Packaging materials
  • Durability and nature of goods
  • Personnel involved in the process

Keep in mind that shipping cost is not the most important factor. The main goal is to have the package reach its destination safely. If it means paying more to have it delivered safely, do it.

Get Insurance and Tracking Tools

Protecting cargo from damage should be a top priority for every shipping company. However, no matter how cautious the handlers are, some things can be inevitable. Many cases have been reported of cargo getting lost or damaged.

To avoid incurring losses because an accident occurred, you have to look for a suitable insurance cover. Knowing that losses will be compensated gives everyone peace of mind. The cost of insuring a product package depends on what the insured party is ready to pay for.

To be sure of getting a good insurance cover for your cargo, you should compare several companies. You can also talk to insurance brokers to find out the companies that they prefer. However, it would be best if you were not too fast to choose the cheapest offer.

The Delivery Time

If you want your cargo delivered fast, you have to talk to the carrier and find out how much time they take. You should worry about the delivery time if the products are perishable or late for delivery. If they cannot guarantee delivery within the time that you want, it is a sign that you need to look for the services elsewhere.

You may want to know that some carriers do not deliver goods on weekends and other special days. Additionally, fast deliveries are priced higher than those that take longer. The best part is that some companies will agree to negotiate the price, especially when unique situations are involved.

Get a Reliable Company for Packaging and Shipping

From the packing and shipping process above, it is clear that a lot of knowledge is needed to guarantee shipping protection. Getting the right shipping boxes, wrappers, a courier, and many other things is no mean task. That is why every shipping company has to employ skilled and experienced professionals in every department.

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