Getting the opportunity to own a home is probably the biggest dream every Australian cherishes. About 5.4 million people in Australia are already homeowners. Most of these include people choosing one of the three options. 

  1. They either buy land and property to build a house.
  2. Buy a finished home.
  3. Or knock-down and rebuild.

It is becoming increasingly easy to  Knock Down Rebuild in Sydney since it became the unofficial capital of this trend. 

Homeowners prefer living in their favourite neighbourhood than relocating to a new place. 

So the advantages of choosing the Knock-down and Rebuild option include:

  1. Location, Location, and Guess What, Location!

The only other factor that is probably as important, or even more significant than the home itself, is its location. Over time, people forge a strong connection with the place in which they live. Their identity is deeply rooted in it. The memories associated with the area and the contentment it gives is a powerful feeling.

A neighbourhood and the people in it become family over time, and it is hard to imagine leaving them. It is more than just sentimentality. So, why leave one’s favourite place to go live somewhere that is not pleasing? 

Knock Down Rebuild in Sydney offers the benefit of having one’s dream home in the same location that one grew up in for years. Most people live in a place they already love but wish they were in a better home.

Knocking down the old house and rebuilding it with a better design for one’s current lifestyle can be a significant upgrade. It removes the need to worry about the stress of changing schools or moving away from one’s family. One can rest peacefully dwelling on the fact that they live in their dream home in their dream location!

  1. Build/Design the Home Exactly as You Want It:

A Knock-Down Rebuild allows one to start afresh from scratch. Renovating or extending does not offer the same freedom. One has to deal with the constraints of maintaining the existing floor plan and not making any significant changes. But demolishing and building a new home offers unrestricted freedom. 

One can enjoy boundless creative freedom. From choosing a specific home design to having all features that one would like to get (and some more), one need not compromise any wishes. Choose any favourite features for the:

  • Floorplan
  • Facade
  • Materials
  • Color scheme/ Palette 
  • Choice of fixtures/ fitting, etc. 
  1. Save Time and Valuable Money:

Probably the biggest motivation behind a rebuild is the lower costs. Some might assume that one would have to pay the Earth for rebuilding. In reality, it is more cost-effective than other options.  

Assuming that one already owns the land, demolition and build are the only other factors that require money. Land prices are soaring in all the major cities in Australia so, if one is in a place like Sydney or Melbourne already, rebuilding is the cheapest option. 

  1. No Unwelcome Surprises:

Choosing to renovate a home often comes with the risk of uncertainty. One is taking a gamble with the minimum freedom in this case. Although the renovation begins after hours of planning and research, there is still the question of viability when it comes to ideas. Until construction begins, one cannot know for sure how the design will pan out. 

Because of the guesswork that comes with renovations, there are often nasty surprises like asbestos, faulty plumbing, shoddy foundations, and malfunctioning electrics. 


Give rebuilding contracts to a reliable provider, and every homeowner can enjoy seeing their vision become a reality.  


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