How to Sell Beanie Babies for a High Profit

Toy collections carry a mix of history and nostalgia on them, increasing their value. It’s especially when these toys are rare, making them hard to find anywhere else. One such instance comes with the Beanie Babies.

Produced by Ty Inc. back in 1993, they became a fad towards the late 90s. They soon caught the attention of collectors due to their high resale value, with some reaching as much as $500,000. If you plan to sell Beanie Babies and aim to get immense profit, time to look at these handy tips to help boost your chances.

Check Them by Generation

As we learn how to sell Beanie Babies, one notable tip is to check and sort them by generation. You can tell the ones from an earlier generation through their designs. Check out the tags since they help appraise its age or generation.

For instance, look at the swing tag on its ear. Older generations have the letters TY printed in white with a black outline. Newer generations have the words “Beanie Babies” printed on the top right.

In case they don’t have a swing tag, check the tush tag on its bottom end. Check the year of that particular Beanie Baby through it. Make sure that the Beanie Baby has its swing and tush tags since losing them decreases its value.

Older generations stand out more compared to their newer counterparts. In this case, the ones hailing from the first to the third generations are more noticeable. They are among the sought-for Beanie Babies for collectors.

You can check this out in detail to help you determine the value of your Beanie Babies. It allows you to plan out your price when necessary. 

Take Note of the Resale Value

Keep an eye on the resale value. It’s a handy tip to remember when you sell Beanie Babies online. Newer generations are more common compared to older ones. Online price guides can prove helpful as a reference point.

Visit the Beanie Baby collector’s website. It should give you the current pricing guide. Compare that with what you have on the tags through the name and generation (noted by year or number). Check the value of your Beanie Baby based on these information pieces.

One good example is Princess the Bear. It’s one of the rarer Beanie Babies due to its association with a tragic event. It currently sits at an asking price of $500,000.

Take Photos for Online Appraisal

One thing to help appraise your Beanie Babies is to take photos. Upon doing so, check some hobby groups online and post them there. Use either social media platforms or online forums.

After that, ask for a price appraisal after including a few other details. Make sure to take some close-ups too.

This approach allows you to know an approximate price range for your Beanie Baby. Some collectors might even offer to buy the plushie right away. It sometimes happens when you’re posting about a piece they lack in their collection.

Go to an authenticator to help appraise the plushie’s value. An authenticator is also great at appraising these collectibles. The accompanying documentation after using their service will likely raise its value.

Always Double Check Before Selling

Before you push toward selling Beanie Babies, double-check your information. In this case, double-check various details gathered from different sources about the value and the price. The risk is in how others would post false information.

It also applies to buyers who want you to send the plushie first to  “gauge its authenticity”. The problem is that these items do not come back. Consider these propositions as a red flag and move on to the next buyer.

Smell and Appearance Go Together

The quality of the Beanie Baby goes in both the appearance and the smell. Make sure you have it in mint condition. In this case, it has to look and smell like new.

Consider moving them out of the cardboard box and store them in plastic containers. Having scents caused by mold, cigarette smoke, and mildew can make the selling of these plushies harder. No self-respecting collector wants a piece in their collection to smell bad and look old.

Spot the Original Nine Beanie Babies

Nine original Beanie Babies came out back in 1993. It makes them rare due to the history behind them, being the first in the Beanie Babies line. It is what catches the attention of various toy collectors.

The following plushies comprise the nine:

  • Squealer the Pig
  • Legs the Frog 
  • Brownie the Bear (later renamed as Cubbie)
  • Flash the Dolphin
  • Splash the Whale
  • Chocolate the Moose
  • Pattie the Platypus
  • Pinchers the Lobster
  • Spot the Dog

They first appeared in Chicago, IL in 1994. From that point, the toys retired soon after, with Splash and Flash retiring in May 1997. The last to retire was Chocolate in December 1998.

Choose the Right Selling Platform

You might ask, “where to sell Beanie Babies?” Looking for the best place to sell Beanie Babies may seem tough nowadays. It’s especially because of the recent health crisis.

However, online selling is one of your best platforms for these unique and nostalgic plushies. The most notable sites include Craigslist, PlushCollector, and Etsy.

For local selling, look around for the nearest in your area. An antique dealer can fetch it for a high price, noting its age and resale value. Though they may offer lower fees, they work out as an alternative option.

You Can Sell Beanie Babies When Ready

Noting the nostalgia and the history behind it, the choice to sell Beanie Babies can work out as a lucrative choice. If you’re ready to give them a proper send-off, give it a shot. Make sure to adopt the tips mentioned above to get the best out of these wonderful plushies.

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