How to Get Started as a Medicare Insurance Agent

If you feel a pull towards the medical field, you’re far from alone. Thousands upon thousands of Americans serve in medical professions, making it their life’s work to care for others.

The trouble, however, is discerning where you fit best. Many people want to work in medicine of some kind, but don’t feel that a doctor or nurse role is right for them. 

If you feel similarly, then consider selling Medicare. While this doesn’t have quite the same glamorous ring as working in the hospital, Medicare insurance agents help thousands of people receive the healthcare they need. If this sounds appealing, learn how to begin your new career today!

Selling Medicare: What Does It Mean

What does a Medicare insurance agent do, exactly? These agents sell Medicare insurance to two demographics: people over 65 who need insurance and disabled people under 65. 

This line of work is immensely rewarding. Even if indirectly, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping people get the healthcare they need. There are several other benefits as well, including the insurance agent salary.

Step 1: Completing The Pre-Licensing Course

The first step in becoming an insurance agent is to complete your pre-licensing course. Most of these courses tend to cost about the same amount and feature most of the same content.

One of the advantages of this course is the significant freedom you have in how you attend it. You can either attend a traditional classroom, through online courses, or even through self-study.

Most online courses ask you to choose your home state. The reason this matter is because insurance law may vary between states. When you complete the course, you receive a Certificate of Completion.

This certificate will last for one year. When you go to take your exam, you’ll present your certificate.

Step 2: Taking Your Exam

Once you complete your pre-licensing course, you have one year in which to take your certification exam. You’ll schedule your exam appointment online through Prometric, which provides the exam.

Different states may provide different ways of registering, so be sure you register appropriately in your state. When you show up to take the exam, you must bring your certificate of completion. In addition, you need to present a current, signed form of identification.

A valid ID must include a photo, a signature, and be government-issued. Lastly, the name shown on your ID must perfectly match the name on your certificate.

To pass the exam, you must score a 70% or higher. 

Step 3: Apply For Your License

Finally, once you pass your exam, you must apply for your license. To do so, apply online through the National Insurance Producer Registry. You should receive your license within a few weeks. 

Once you receive your license, you are free to begin contracting!

Start Your New Career Path

Once your license arrives, you become free to begin selling Medicare. However, before you get started, study Medicare more deeply so you can be prepared for the job. 

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