Garage Door Styles and Materials you should consider

To maximize the value of your home, you would come across several garage doors Canada options. These would be relatively easy and affordable to enhance the curb appeal of your home. A decent garage door would differentiate it from the rest of the neighborhood. For something special, consider using customized garage doors specifically designed to your requirements.

Common types of garage doors

The most common types of garage doors would be inclusive of –

  • Retractable
  • Hinged sectional retractable
  • Canopy side

If you have limited space in your driveway, sectional doors would be the best option. They would open and shut vertically enabling you to park your vehicles relatively close to the doors without hampering the opening of the garage doors. Among the several available design options, the most common garage door designs are self-storing, upward acting, and sectional.

Choosing the garage doors

The days of old manual doors are gone. Presently, you would come across remote-controlled and motorized garage doors. The most common style would be the overhead garage door.

How important is choosing the right material for your garage door

The primary aspect to consider in planning your garage door would be the material used. Choosing the best garage door materials suitable for your needs would be based on a few essential aspects inclusive of –

  • the style of your home
  • the warmth you wish to have in your garage

You would come across three main materials for garage door construction – fiberglass, steel, and wood. When contemplating the installation of a garage door, consider the type of doors and materials used. You could also incorporate unique window options and heated garages into your plan.

Consider the style

The overhead garage doors have been the most popular style made available to several homeowners. It would come equipped with automatic start and stop features. It makes the doors relatively easier to use. The overhead garage doors offer superb options and safety features. They work with a rolling system, thereby rolling the door up and store along the garage roof. The overhead doors are compact, quiet, and smooth. Installing an overhead garage door is relatively simple. You could seek assistance from the manufacturer.

Different garage door materialsat your behest

The wooden garage doors would be preferred for their affordability and appearance rather than their durability. You could choose durable wood for long-lasting garage doors appearing wonderful for years.

The major benefit of using steel garage doors would be they would not crack or fall apart due to harsh weather conditions. You would not require refinishing or painting the steel garage doors. The maintenance cost of steel doors would also be significantly low. It would keep your home appearing stylish.

Fiberglass garage doors have been chosen for different locations where light is important. It would also be suitable for a place with a salty ocean climate. The fiberglass garage doors would require mild exterior cleaning for retaining their quality finish. They do not require finishing. The retractable garage door is a common style with people. The durable and tough fiberglass material would remain to look good for years.


Every garage door material has its benefits. Therefore, choose the one suitable for your needs and budget.

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