Exploring The Basics Of Midi Hurdy Gurdy

If you are someone with knowledge about musical instruments, you have probably heard about the hurdy gurdy. It is a musical instrument that originated during medieval times and became popular worldwide.

Talking about hurdy gurdy, there exist different types, and you can learn about them in a hurdy gurdy book. In this article, we will tell you about the midi hurdy gurdy, which is one of the most popular types out there. So, if you are ready, do give this post a read.

What is a midi hurdy gurdy?

A Midi Hurdy Gurdy is a unique electric instrument, somewhat similar to an electric piano. Unlike traditional instruments with physical strings, it relies on a sound module for its music.

While traditional hurdy-gurdies rely solely on mechanical components for sound generation, the midi hurdy gurdy can be connected to computers and other MIDI-compatible devices for a wider range of sounds and creative possibilities.

Features Of Midi Hurdy Gurdy

Now that you know what a midi hurdy gurdy is, let us break down the features for you.

  • A midi hurdy gurdy offers a realistic playing experience that can be tailored to suit each player’s preferences. You can adjust volume response, wheel resistance, string tension, and trompette attack to your liking.
  • This type of hurdy gurdy requires very little maintenance. This means musicians can dedicate more time to practising rather than tuning and upkeep. Plus, you can practice quietly with headphones, making it convenient for any time or place.
  • Another perk is its tuning flexibility. Since it’s purely electronic, you can play in any key or tuning you like. However, it’s uncertain if it supports different temperaments, which might affect its suitability for certain musical styles.
  • Some MidiGurdy models even offer visual aids for the trompette technique when connected to a computer. This feature is handy for teaching and self-assessment purposes.

A midi hurdy gurdy represents a fascinating mix of tradition and technology. It offers musicians a new avenue for exploration and creativity. Be it old music or something new, a midi hurdy gurdy is sure to wow people and make them want to make music too!

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