Best tourist attractions in Sydney Australia

Sydney is Australia’s biggest city and Sydney Attractions are its best tourist attractions. Sydney was founded in 1788 by the British Empire, after the discovery of Sydney Cove, which was surrounded by what appeared to be freshwater. Sydney has grown into one of Australia’s most popular destinations for tourism. There are many Sydney attractions that people come from all over the world to see.

Sydney Opera House is located on Sydney Harbor in Sydney. It is a place where musical performances take place regularly throughout the week. Tours go through this impressive building when they are not being used for performances or other events. The tours include access to behind-the-scenes areas where visitors can get a glimpse of how everything works together inside this famous location. Sydney Opera House Sydney Australia

Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of Sydney’s biggest tourist attractions. It stretches across Sydney Harbor and connects the North Shore to the Sydney CBD, which is where most of Sydney’s attractions are located. Sydney Harbour Bridge also serves as a major mode of transportation around Sydney for both cars and pedestrians. It was designed by an engineer from New York City called John Bradfield. Sydney Australia – The Sydney Harbor Bridge looking towards the Northern side of the bridge with the Blue Mountains in the background

The Royal Botanic Gardens is a place where many people come to see beautiful gardens with trees, flowers, and plants from all over the world. There is even a small zoo on site that has animals native to Australia kangaroos, koalas, and Tasmanian devils. Sydney Australia – A close-up of the Sydney trees lining Sydney’s Hyde Park

The Sydney Tower Eye is Sydney’s most popular tourist attraction; it is Sydney’s tallest structure at over 1000 feet tall. Sydney Tower Eye provides panoramic views 360 degrees around Sydney Harbour, with views as far out as 100 kilometers. The Sydney walk can easily take visitors to all three attractions in one day because they are located so close to one another. Tourists that would prefer to see these spots separately can take advantage of the hop-on/hop-off bus service that takes them throughout Sydney all day long for a set fee per person.

Sydney Australia – Sydney Tower Eye Sydney, Australia Sydney Australia – The Sydney skyline seen from the Sydney Tower Eye

The Sydney Wildlife World Zoo is a small zoo that focuses on animals that can be found in Australia. It has over 100 different species of Australian native animals like Tasmanian devils, kangaroos, and koala bears. They provide tours for school groups, private outings, and special events like birthday parties.

Sydney Australia – Tasmanian devil at Sydney Wildlife World Zoo

Sydney Australia – Penguins at Sydney Wildlife World Zoo’s Penguin Cove exhibit Sydney Australia – Koala bear eating in front of guests in Sydney Wildlife World Zoo’s KoalaWalkKeeper Encounter exhibit

Sydney Seafood School offers visitors an opportunity to learn about Sydney’s best local delicacies. Sydney Harbor is known for its seafood, and Sydney Seafood School teaches people how to prepare dishes that they can then sample during the class. Visitors also get access to Sydney Ferries that take them on a scenic ride down Sydney Harbour. Sydney Australia – Sydney’s famous Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Australia – The Sydney Harbor Bridge looking towards the Southern side of the bridge with Darling Harbour in the background

Outback Steakhouse is an Australian-themed restaurant where visitors can enjoy some tasty Australian food like kangaroo steaks and crocodile meatloaf. They offer special deals for family dining, early-bird dining, and other meal times during the day.

Sydney Australia – Sydney’s Sydney Harbour Bridge pedestrian walkway Sydney Australia – Sydney street art painted on the walls of Sydney town

The Rocks Markets are held on weekends in Sydney’s oldest building. The vendors sell all kinds of items like Aboriginal art, handmade jewelry, furniture, and other types of household goods. It is also Sydney’s biggest shopping market.

Sydney Australia – Panoramic view of Sydney from Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair Sydney Australia – A garden in Sydney with a kangaroo lounging in the background

Westfield Bondi Junction is a large shopping mall that has many shops selling everything from books to clothes to electronics. Visitors can also visit a few restaurants located inside the mall for a quick bite to eat.

Sydney Australia – Sydney’s Sydney Harbor Bridge Sydney Australia – Sydney at night

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