A Treatment Down There? 7 Things to Know About Vaginal Rejuvenation

Have you ever heard of vaginal rejuvination?

Your vagina can change due to a whole number of reasons. From pregnancy to ageing, it’s completely normal for yours to feel and look different over time.

But, just because it’s normal doesn’t mean you have to live with it! Vaginal rejuvination is a great way to bring life back to your vagina and help you regain confidence.

Find out more with these six things you need to know about vaginal rejuvination surgery. 

1. What is Vaginal Rejuvination?

Let’s start with what vaginal rejuvination actually is.

The aim of rejuvination is to improve muscle tone, control, and strength inside the vagina, as well as overall vaginal health. It’s a minimally invasive procedure using a vaginal rejuvination laser, and your vaginal canal should be physically tighter after you’ve had it done. 

There are other rejuvination options for more complex problems. However, this guide will focus on the minimally invasive laser procedure. 

Lots of women find vaginal rejuvination to be incredibly beneficial! Some women struggle with a loss of elasticity after childbirth, as they age, or simply through genetics. Loose vaginas are more common than you may think, and while they’re nothing to be embarrassed about they can cause problems. 

Vaginal rejuvination can help you regain confidence in the bedroom, in yourself, and in day to day life. 

2. It’s Not Just About Improving Your Sex Life

A lot of people think that vaginal rejuvination is all about better sex, but it’s not! There are actually a huge number of reasons why women have vaginal rejuvination surgery and a wide range of benefits. 

For example, a lot of women of all ages experience stress urinary incontnence. This is when you leak urine involunatirly from sneezing, laughing, or coughing. It’s more frequent in women after childbirth or as they age, though it can also occur in young women who have never had children. 

Vaginal rejuvenation helps incontinence by stimulating the collagen production in the vagina, increasing muscle strength. 

Women who have looser vaginas, such as those who’ve experienced childbirth, can also benefit from vaginal rejuvination. If you struggle to use tampons, for example, vaginal rejuvination can improve elasticity and help tampons fit better in your vagina. 

3. But Your Sex Life Will Improve

There are a lot of other benefits of vaginal rejuvination, but you can’t ignore your sex life! As your vagina becomes looser from age, childbirth, or even just genetics, sex can feel less enjoyable for both you and your partner. You might find you feel less and your partner does too, which can put a strain on your sex life.

This is also true for women who’s partners have a smaller penis. By undergoing vaginal rejuvination, you can reduce the size of the vaginal canal, tighten your vagina, and make sex more pleasurable for both of you!

It’s also normal for a vagina to become dryer as you age. If you’re experiencing vaginal dryness, this procedure can help by creating new, healthy tissue in the vagina that mimics younger tissue. You can put dryness behind you and enjoy a more fulfilling sex life. 

4. It’s a Super Simple Procedure

The vaginal rejuvination process is incredibly simple. You won’t need anesthesia and it’s entirely comfortable, with minimal to no downtime whatsoever. It’s completely safe, quick, and has incredible effects.

A typical procedure will last just a few minutes, which is quite incredible! You’ll only need 1-3 sessions to receive optimal tightness and see a huge difference. 

5. It Has Long Term Effects

With such a quick, simple procedure, you might think that you’ll need it frequently. But, most women only ever need the initial 1-3 vaginal rejuvination treatment sessions and they’re set for life! The only exception is if you have a vaginal childbirth after your rejuvination.

It is recommended that you have yearly touchups if you want the results to stay the same as there will be a slight amount of relaxation naturally. However, even without touchups, your vagina shouldn’t lose enough elasticity to return to it’s state before the procedure. 

6. Rejuvinate Your Vagina Inside and Out

A lot of rejuvination treatments don’t just work on the inside of the vagina, but the outside, too! Lot’s of people are unhappy with the appearance of their vulva, which tends to sag with age and after childbirth. But, with laser rejuvination you can improve the look of your vulva and gain back confidence. 

Rejuvination can reduce sagging and help with discoloration, helping to make your vulva appear more youthful and reverse side-effects of ageing, childbirth, and more. 

7. You Can Have Sex Shortly After the Procedure

You’ll be happy to hear that after your procedure, you can have sexual intercourse within just a few days! Of course, that depends on how you feel, but medically you’ll be okay. You’ll also be able to get back to work, exercise, and return to normal life within no time.

However, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor or medical professional after you’ve had the procedure to see how long they recommend for downtime. 

What Next?

If vaginal rejuvination sounds like just what you need to improve the elasticity of your vagina, increase pleasure in the bedroom, and gain back your confidence, it’s time to find a reputable medical center to help you! The right professional is essential for a successful procedure, so take your time to find a trusted clinic.

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