7 Big Advantages of Choosing Online Sports Betting

Did you know that $5 million is placed on bets each year for the NBA finals alone? Gambling is big business, and more options than ever are available when placing your bet. But do you know the benefits of betting online?

With everything from more choice to better odds, online is the way to go. Read on as we discuss why you need online sports betting. 


Like any industry that has adapted to the digital economy, convenience is why people turn to online betting. Previously, you would have had to travel to a betting shop or visit a local agent to place a bet. In addition, you would have to rely on the print media to show you games and races, then get the odds when you arrive. 

Online betting has changed all of that and you can now view fixtures and the odds by opening an app. This can be done wherever you are, from the living room of your home to the beach on holiday. https://bovada.blog/ is one example of an excellent new online gambling site packed with features. 

Range and Variety

Most betting establishments will have a fairly decent range of sports and fixtures to gamble on. However, they will never have the range online sites do. This allows you to place all of your bets in one place, instead of having to visit different establishments. 

You also get access to sports not normally available. If you want to bet on European handball championships or horse racing in Dubai, most online gambling will branch out worldwide. You will have access to minor leagues and events from all over the world. 

The types of bets you can place also increases. You don’t just have to bet on a win and each way. You can create accumulator bets, or be as specific as deciding who will get the first touchdown in the Superbowl. 

Payment Options

If your local betting shop is outdated, you may find that they only accept cash for bets. This can be extremely restrictive when you want to pay for your gambling. However, with online betting, you can find a wide range of ways to pay.

All sports betting sites will accept major credit cards, and some even accept niche or obscure ones. Some credit cards may even allow you to accumulate points that you can spend on other activities. You may even be able to use e-wallets like Skrill.

Finally, many websites have even begun to accept cryptocurrency. You can fund your account using Bitcoin, Ether, and other currencies, which are then transferred to their preferred currency in the system. 

Promotions and Bonuses

Your local establishment may have the odd bonus from time to time. However, they will be nowhere near the level you will get from online betting action. 

Many companies will offer cash bonuses and credit when you sign up. This is known as a welcome bonus. The amount you deposit upon arrival often dictates how much they give you.

For example, an online betting site may have a $200 welcome bonus if you deposit $200 on sign-up. In this case, you have doubled the money you can gamble. You can’t take it straight out, but you can use it to bet and turn it into profit. 

Certain games and sports may also have given bonuses. For example, if you decide to deviate from sports and use casino facilities, you often get bonuses for playing certain games. 

Promotions may also exist for certain bets. You may see increased odds for someone scoring first in a soccer game, for example. You can use this to increase your profit significantly. 


Sports betting online, given you choose a reputable company, is extremely safe. Many of them have extremely high internet security protocols and data protection. Their success depends on it, so it stands to reason they will protect any money you have deposited and safeguard your details. 

Most sites will hold a legalized license, allowing you to place bets. They may even be located offshore, so they are exempt from certain laws in home countries. As they work internationally, they will have multiple layers of encryption on their data. 

Live Streaming

Once you have made a bet in a physical establishment, you need to find a place to go and watch the game or race. This is not always possible. Perhaps it is not on TV, no bars will show it or you just don’t have the right service to watch at home. 

Lots of online betting sites now provide free streaming. Particularly on horse races, you will find you can watch events from start to finish. This hugely increases the enjoyment of placing a bet and lets you experience the thrill of gambling firsthand. 

The added benefit is that you can place bets in real-time. If you can feel the tide turning in a match, you can instantly place a wager.

Better Odds

Getting the best odds possible means making more profit. If you are tied to traditional bookmakers, then you are stuck with the odds they give. However, going online gives you a lot more options. 

Most online gambling websites will give you better odds than a traditional betting shop. They don’t have the overhead, so they can afford a little more when it comes to working out odds. This may only be marginal, but if you are doing multiple bets over a long period of time, it can equate to a lot of money.

Online Sports Betting

Now you know the benefits of online sports betting, you just need to find a great company to sign up with. You can sign up with one or two, then check to see which have better odds before placing a bet. However you do it, remember to have fun and gamble responsibly. 

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