6 Things to Know About the College Application Process


It’s projected that about 19.7 million students attended college in Fall 2020. Out of this, about 12.0 million students are expected to go full-time.

If you’re looking to be part of this statistic then you might have questions about the college application process. If this is the case then you’re in luck!

This article will dive into the 5 things you want to know about the college application process. Read on to discover all about the application process and get started today!

  1. Writing an Entrance Essay

When you’re looking for college application process tips you’ll want to include a strong entrance essay. This is part of the college application itself in order to obtain a degree such as realisticdiplomas.com degree options.

Make sure that you include a strong introduction and unique title. Talk about your successes over the years with a strong academic focus.

Include knowledge about the school you’re applying to. Ensure that there are no spelling errors in the essay.

  1. What You’ll Need

When you’re applying to colleges, you’ll need to include your high school transcript, basic information such as your social security number, and a completed FAFSA.

Include all extracurricular activities. SAT or ACT scores need to be part of the application process as well.

Recommendation laters from teachers are good to have and potentially required. If you’re applying to an art school you’ll probably need to provide your portfolio/audition.

You’ll also need to include money for the application fee. If you’re in advanced placement classes, include those scores as well.

  1. Uploading Your Resume

If you have a work resume, most colleges will allow you to add this as well. It can include different extracurricular activities, awards, and different work experiences.

Make sure that it represents what you’re doing when you’re not in school. This can include caring for siblings, family obligations, sports or clubs, and part-time employment.

  1. Picking Colleges

Ensure that before you start the application process you choose colleges that interest you. Find ones that reflect what you want out of life, or reflect who you are.

Make sure that you visit different colleges as well to get a feel for the campus. Speak to school counselors about what experience you’re looking for, and review college websites as well.

  1. Remember Deadlines

Remember that each school will have deadlines for applications. Make sure that you write down on your calendar all of the important deadlines. The sooner you submit your application, the quicker you can find out whether you’ve been accepted.

  1. For Missed School

If you’ve been out of a traditional high school setting, you might not have taken the SATs or ACTs. If that’s the case, some schools accept placement exams such as the ACCUPLACER or COMPASS.

Exploring the College Application Process

After exploring more about the college application process, you should be well-prepared to get started applying to different colleges. Would you like to read more lifestyle content? Check out our other articles for all of your lifestyle needs!


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