5 Sweepstakes Tips That Will Help You Win Big

Everybody needs money, and everybody wants to win money. You’ve probably heard all the gambling tips before about playing games. 

But what works when it comes to playing online sweepstakes? How can some people seem to win every time? Well, it’s time you learn the secrets to successful sweepstake winning.

So if you’ve been playing online sweepstakes and not seeing the results you want, then stay here and keep reading this guide. You’ll learn five sweepstakes tips that will help you win big money!

1. Play with Promotions

When you’re looking to play sweepstakes online for money, don’t forget sites like Cash My Minutes. Many sites allow you to play with promotions, meaning you can purchase an item you need and at the same time get the chance to win money.

Cash MY Minutes requires the purchase of an Ace Phone Card to receive free sweepstakes entries.

You can choose the number of minutes you want to pay for from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. One dollar gives you five minutes of call time. They offer over 90 games, and it’s easy to redeem your points and winnings.

2. Maximize Contest Entries

A great plan is to enter contests and lots of them—a smart way to streamline your entry time is by downloading an autofill software program like Roboform or LastPass.

You also need to watch out for and eliminate sweepstakes contests that slow you down. Maybe the page loads slowly, or it takes too long to fill out the information. You don’t need this, so take it off your list.

Also, you will save yourself a lot of time and grief if you take the time to understand the contest rules before you enter.

3. Create a Dedicated Email Address

When you get serious about your sweepstakes entries, it’s a great idea to create a dedicated email address. It would help if you kept your sweepstakes activities separate from everything else.

This way, you won’t miss any winner notifications, and it will be easier to sort through your email to detect scams. 

4. Schedule Time Daily

The number one secret to winning at sweepstakes is persistence, so you must never give up! 

Set a specific time each day to go through your emails and enter new contests. It doesn’t take a lot of time, and you can easily do this while watching TV at night.

But when you have a busy schedule, dedicating even just 10 minutes a day to sweepstakes will boost your chances of winning big.

5. Be Aware of Scams

It’s great to enter many sweepstakes to increase your chances, but you also need to know the warning signs of sweepstakes scams.

Major red flags to look out for include sweepstakes that demand payment to receive a prize, pressure you to act fast, and use free email accounts that don’t represent their official business name.

Win Money and Win Big

If you follow these easy steps, you’ll be among the high rollers in no time. If you go in with a plan, you’re much more likely to score big sweepstakes winnings.

You’ll be enjoying your sweepstakes winnings in no time.

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