An air cooler was developed to accept hot air from the environment or a surrounding and traps it and then converts the hot air into cool air that is used majorly for ventilation. A portable air cooler will be a great help to ride the tide against hot air or hot environment by cooling the surroundings and more so, it is very useful l because of its portability, as it can be used anywhere. The work of an air cooler is special, and it also depends on the series or the version that is in use,  but what they all do is to trap hot air and convert them into the cold for ventilation. The benefits of a portable air cooler are highlighted as follows. If you are looking to buy an aircon, you can read up more on this aircon buying guide.

  •       It doesn’t occupy so much space as an air conditioner hence, it makes it flexible and it could be carried around, whether indoor or outdoor space, it converts hot air into the cold air, and it is effective, even at times more than Air conditioner.
  •       It is useful and best used in renting. Most of the time the work is outdoor so it is used majorly outdoor and when it’s used outdoor, it works perfectly and effectively.
  •       The advantage it has over the air conditioner also is that it does not need to be installed because it is another stress the air conditioner takes to be installed and it may require expertise which may not be readily available and which may be another cost and increasing the price again. So in case of this, there is no need to install and it would also perform the same work an air conditioner would also do, as air conditioner ventilates the environment and air cooler also ventilates and regulate the temperature of an environment.
  •       Another added advantage is that it is portable, which means it can be moved around, which makes it use easy, as most of the time it would be needed to be moved around.
  •       A portable air cooler is not expensive, which means they are less expensive than most air conditioners. The cost might limit people and an individual not to be able to purchase it, because of its cost, so it is more affordable and available to people than most air conditioners. In the case of it not being expensive, it would be seen more with people and also people would buy it more which supposes that the market of selling an air cooler would be very fast, because of its price, and affordable.
  •       In summer, an Air cooler is the best way to beat the heat, because most of the time then,  man would be dehydrated and would need ventilation, so this would be a very good means to ventilate the environment or an enclosed space.
  •       A conventional air conditioner consumes more energy than an air cooler, air conditioner consumes energy 10 times more than an air cooler.

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