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Healing crystals have been around for centuries. Even though there is a lack of data to support that they assuage physical symptoms, users have attested its benefits. These marvelous-looking stones provide physical and mental benefits to the human body. 

There are a variety of healing stones such as Jasper, Sapphire, Ruby, Turquoise, Citrine, and Obsidian. People can either wear them as jewelry or carry them in bags. Reiki healers use the stone as an object to store the negative energy emanating from a person and capture it into the stone. 

Contingent on a person’s current life situation, a stone is chosen. For example, obsidian is used to capture all the negative energy. There are numerous crystal shop where people can find individual stones and jewelry items. 

Crystals create balance in the body and assuage different ailments. But one must remember that these crystals should be employed with a complete treatment plan. If you expect to find relief by solely relying on the stones, you are mistaken. 

Crystals possess the power to create an electrical charge. It helps in treating mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. As a result, people feel more zen and level-headed, enabling better decision-making. If the crystals have shown evident results in your life, continue to use them but do not replace them with medicine. Crystal shops have many different stones that you may wish to try. 


These vivid-looking crystals have been around for centuries. They go back 10,000 years when archaeologists discovered that the Egyptians used these stones to propagate good health and long life. Some say that Leonardo Da Vinci used an Amethyst to stimulate positivity in his life and put away negative thoughts. 

Ancient Egyptians highly believed in the potency of healing crystals to relieve physical manifestations. So they would Lapis Lazuli with the deceased to provide them with a merrier afterlife. They also thought that the rose quartz crystal could help hangovers.

Even the Hindu gods emphasized the healing properties of crystals and used them. It served as a form of medicine to cure different ailments. The Chinese, Romans and Greeks also them during battles and for physical healing. 


People have benefited from relieving their physical symptoms by using healing crystals. A common belief is that crystals communicate with the body’s vibrational energy fields. Users believe that redirection of energy flow creates vibrations in the body and resets it. It relives the stuck areas of one’s body, thereby resuming function. 

Eva Antoniadou is a healer who dictates that the healing powers of these stones come to life as soon one touches them. The vibrations effectively communicate with the human body, thereby assuaging physical symptoms. They operate at a natural frequency. 

These crystals primarily work on an individual’s mind. The body is a cumulation of the mind and the physical aspects. If one stays more optimistic, level-headed, and tries to adopt a new way of life, their physical symptoms might also start dwindling. 

Rocks can never harm a person if not bring any good. They are merely supposed to be in contact with the human body. Practice holistic habits such as meditation, eating healthy, doing yoga, and you will already feel better. 

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