Useful Tips to Examine Your Vehicle Before and After Shipping

Your car is a valuable investment. If you wish to ship it to some other location, you would want it to reach the destination in the best condition. Trusting your car to a shipping company can cause anxiety when you are a first-time shipper.

One of the ways to release this anxiety is by inspecting the car before and after shipping. In this article, we will provide you a complete list of actions that will ensure that your vehicle is shipped safely and in the same unspoiled state as when you passed the keys to the shipping company.

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·      Do not hand over your only set of car keys to the shipping company

The car shipping company would require the keys to drive the vehicle on and off the carrier. However, you should make a duplicate set of keys and hand over those ones to the driver. Keep the original set of car keys with you.

·      Determine The Amount of Fuel You Would Leave in The Gas Tank

Before handing your vehicle to the auto shipping company, you should fill only one-quarter gas tank or less so that the carrier can drive the vehicle. Any extra fuel than this limit will unnecessarily increase the weight of the carrier.

·      Do Not Keep Items That Are Considered Illegal During Shipping

Certain municipalities have strict rules that firearms, fire extinguishers, any form of ammunition can’t be legally transported in the vehicle via a car carrier. It is important to remove these items to remain safe during auto shipping.

·      Disconnect Alarm Systems

It is required that the car owner should disconnect an alarm system before he hands over the car to the transport driver.

What Is the Need for Preventative Maintenance Tips During Shipping a Car?

Preventative maintenance of your car ensures the longevity of the vehicle. It can also save from a lot of stress at the time of transporting a car. There are possibilities that certain parts of the equipment lose their efficiency and fail to perform post shipping.

By paying adequate attention to the maintenance requirements of the vehicle, you can save from considerable expense and frustration in the long run.

Some of these tasks include examining the battery, antifreeze, fuel filter, power steering fluid, exhaust, air filter, belts, automatic transmission fluid, and motor oil, regularly to prevent severe damage to the car engine. Ensure that the car tires are adequately aligned to lessen tire wear and enhance gas mileage, performance, and handling, of the car.


Trusting a new car shipping company to transport your vehicle is not easy. An accurate inspection of the car before and after shipping will give you mental peace and ensure a damage-free and safe experience.

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